Webinar Series

Join us as we explore document collection, sales workflows and loan origination with leaders from across the finance sector.  

Webinar 1

Masterclass: Streamlining SBA Loan Processes

Tony Brevard, 7(a) Funding | Ron Buck, CEO, Performance Insights

Join Tony and Ron as they discuss:

  • Current market trends in loan origination
  • The impact on sales
  • Predictions for 2021.
  • The systems and processes behind Tony's SBA success

See how you stack up to industry benchmarks as we reveal the latest insights on solving client document collection. 


Webinar 2

Masterclass: Balancing Efficiency and CX though peak demand 

Matt Nicolosi, VP, Director of Strategic Growth Initiatives  First Home Bank


Join us as we discuss:

  •  Thriving through 2020, their critical success factors
  • Gaining visibility and control of the application process
  • Competitive advantage through customer experience 
  • Efficiently managing 10X volumes of document collection

 Learn how your organization can scale rapidly to meet demand and improve customer experience despite the challenges of remote lending.