Collect Beneficial Owner Declarations
with automated document collection
  • Collect Beneficial Owner Declaration Forms and supporting files.
  • Bring compliance online with a FileInvite!
  • Streamline the entire due diligence process. 
  • Collect supporting documents with ease.


Complete UBO forms online

Use our live forms. Have clients provide UBO data
and supply due diligence documents today.


Looking for a way to collect beneficial owner forms and documents?

With our live forms tool you can bring your beneficial ownership form online in minutes. Start collecting customer due diligence data online today. Upload your standard UBO form or use our template. Just add form fields and you're ready to go. 


What is the form experience for my clients? 

Your clients get an easy to use client portal, accesible form any device where they can enter the data using a keyboard rather than printing it our, scanning, faxing and going through all that trouble of uploading it again or emailing it to you. 

They can also e-sign or add their digital signature to the form too.  Perfect for compliance! 


How do I edit forms?

Use our intuitive form creation tool to create and edit your online forms.  



FileInvite takes document collection to the next level







Send an invite and reminders

Invite your customers to submit data using email and SMS. Then let FileInvite automatically send reminders to them as due dates draw close. 

Provide a secure client portal 

Clients can complete your forms and supply any additional items on their own secure portal on any device. Mobile, Tablet or Desktop. 

They can save time hunting for a scanner and take a picture of files. 

Pictures automatically rotate and save as a PDF to add to your files. 

Client Portal_yellow shapes_2






Manage data and documents in our dashboard

Use the intuitive FileInvite dashboard to review, approve, reject or request replacements, until you receive the right documents.

Perfect for managing your document workflow and auditing files.

 Leverage our API 

Seamlessly send the documents and data you have collected to your CRM or pass to identification verification services.




Rapidly streamline your due diligence document collection  

Join thousands of professionals that save 2 to 3 hours processing time per client 
and provide a due diligence experience your clients will rave about!


Our Happy Clients

FileInvite is paving the way for more efficient document collection.
You too can save time and avoid confusion by streamlining the way you process documents with your clients.


Easy and safe to use!
- Lynne Ruddock, Australia.


Great value for the price!
- Chris Rivers, USA.

 Chris Rivers

FileInvite helps me share the workload.
- Jill Pollack, Canada.

 Chris Rivers
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